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You are a recently-graduated French pharmacy student and you dream about going abroad and getting some professional and real-life experience but you don’t know how to do it ?

Have you heard about V.I.E ?

V.I.E (Volunteer for international Experience) is the quintessential experience if you want to work abroad.It is an amazing opportunity for those who love travelling or have always dreamed of it and gives access to an empowering and demanding assignment. A VIE can last between 6 and 24 months and can be found in 135 countries all over the world.  It is a good way for you to take the plunge far from your daily routine and everything you ever knew.

You will come back from your VIE having developed both professionally and personally thanks to the different work environment, people, and culture you’ll experience during your contract.It is a valuable career accelerator that necessitates motivation, open-mindedness and resourcefulness. These are real assets for recruiters that will differentiate you from others.

 If you are interested in VIE, you must be between 18 and 28 years old at the date of registration and be from the European economic area. Plus, a clean police record is essential, and you must have completed the national service obligations in your home country.

As a volunteer you will be  a full-time employee of the company you’re working for. This means you will be paid and will be exempt from income tax in France, but it also means you need to commit yourself 100% to your VIE.

To sum up, if you are looking for an amazing opportunity to work abroad, to discover a new version of yourself and to hone your professional skills, VIE is for you !

 Finally, VIE is a one-shot opportunity. You only get one opportunity to do it so choose wisely and above all do not miss this chance !

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