Student vocabulary : a listing of words met by the students during their internship in industry :

Application Iphone & Playstore :

The following websites allow learning and practicing English VOCaéLonline :


A website having lots of material for reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary with several categories such as :

This English online site, with the collaboration of the British Council website and the BBC, offers games, podcast and videos on streaming or to download. It proposes several categories such as :

  • Business & Work: professional podcasts, business magazine
  • Listen & Watch with many topics such as : Words used on the street, introduction to British food, culture of United Kingdom
  • Grammar & Vocabulary:  grammar explanations and exercises, vocabulary games…
  • Playful games…

This website has tips on sitting IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

A website coming from The Guardian, a famous English newspaper, providing many articles about different topics as news, sport, culture, business, with accompanying worksheets

A website providing dialogues, videos (with scripts), and quiz activities. It allows discovering and listening different accents.

This Australian website proposes video extracts of programs with exercises. It provides also a section on sitting IELTS.

Free website providing many grammar lessons, rules for verb conjugation…

This commercial website provides a new lesson daily with reading and listening material and questions/grammar points.



Moreover, the following websites provide TOEIC exercises and tests :



Finally, the following links offer the possibility to download or listen on line English :
  • : this website proposes current events or again simplified articles coming from newspapers and allows the level choice
  • : it provides American or English videos, with script
  • : this American website has videos or articles about many topics such as politic, sciences, health…
  • : this website proposes videos, podcasts with script or again articles about scientific subjects
  • : this very good website allows downloading podcasts about business English (meeting, telephoning, job interviews, presentation…)
  • : this website allows downloading videos about several topics such as management, finance, technology, marketing…